Case study.

Betbazar helps the HughGaming platform provide the best sportsbook product to their clients

HughGaming is an iGaming platform provider, offering to launch online casino or sportsbook businesses. They have significant market presence in the Middle East, and they are known for hosting one of the best and biggest casinos in the region - Levantcasino.

Customer challenge:

The client already had a sportsbook provider when they met us, but they weren’t 100% happy with the current product. They were open to alternatives, as HughGaming wants to offer their clients and their players only the best.

Betbazar solution:

Betbazar offered the BetsyGames iframe solution. We were certain in it’s quality, as we know the team behind it, and their experience. 

It was also apparent that it will be a good fit due to:

Products overview:

BetsyGames comes with the following key features:

- Unique, fresh design and ui/ux

- Availability of broadcasts for all events

- Extremely good cover coverage, both in terms of events and markets

Integration and results:

It was one of the fastest integrations among our clients due to the ease of the iframe method and the proficiency of HughGaming tech team. The results were apparent from the start, with both clients and their players loving the new solution.

HughGaming kept both providers, initially using BetsyGames as backup on the second position. But after several months in production this has been changed, with Bety taking the leading, first position

I am quite happy with BetsyGames. My clients like it, and that’s what is most important for me. Also, it’s worth pointing out the great margin we get - it’s x1.5 of what is set in the odds. BetsyGames has a great risk management team

Bulut, Director
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