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Sport Radar success story

March 2020 - the most challenging date in most bookmakers’ history. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the major lockdowns across Europe and America. Wold’s biggest operators have ceased land based sports wagering while online operations faced the lack of events. Betbazar as the entertainment ecosystem has onboarded Sport Radar in April 2020, linking it to reliable sports content providers. Our team has managed to supply Sport Radar with Setka Cup Table Tennis and Esports Battle eFootball tournaments, providing over 10 000 matches on monthly basis. According to Sport Radar report, by early May 2020 both Setka Cup and Esports Battle leagues had up to 25% turnover share for some of Sport Radar customers.  As a result, in cooperation with Sport Radar we helped dozens of mid size operators to stay in business. Sport Radar has entered NASDAQ in September 2021, costing over 8B USD. Today the company delivers sports data services to over 1600 customers across 120 countries.

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