Case study.

Betbazar e-leagues product helps Tipsport strengthen their live offer and develop the esports vertical.

Tipsport is the largest betting agency in the Czech Republic, with a significant presence in Slovakia.

The company was founded 30 years ago, in 1991. As of 2021 Tipsport operates over 700 branches across Czechia, but despite this impressive number the bigger part of their business is based online, as this is how 95% of bets are accepted.

Customer challenge:

Keeping up with the recent trends, Tipsport was looking to improve their live proposition, as it accounts for the bigger and bigger share of any betting business.

Additionally, even though Tipsport has already been working on developing the esports segment, they were interested in new ways to continue doing it.

Betbazar solution:

The solution that Betbazar offered allowed the client to address both these challenges with one product - Esports Battle tournaments.

It enabled the client to offer a lot more live events to their players, and attract more volume to their esports section, since the e-leagues appeal to both sports and esports fans, and can serve as a gateway from one section to another.

Products overview:

Out of all different disciplines covered by the Esports Battle and Setka Cup tournaments, e-football and e-hockey were chosen due to the popularity of these sports in Czech Republic.

ESB e-football offers over 8.000 10-minutes events per month, and e-hockey over 1200 40-minute ones. These games are taking place 24/7.

Integration and results:

Betbazar delivers their product via industry-standard API integration, so implementing it didn’t pose a challenge for Tipsport’s tech team.

Starting from the first month of production we were able to achieve stable margin and good turnover that were inline with customers expectations.

As more and more punters tried the new product the average turnover per event increased, and it’s growth continues to this day.

I am quite happy with how our cooperation with Betbazar has worked out. The performance we see makes this deal very worthwhile, and the Betbazar team is always there to assist us. I am looking forward to expanding the partnership by including more events and more products like e-basketball.

Daniel Veselý, Head of Esports
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