24/7 Support as tailored offering provides to partners

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With BETBAZAR’s global B2B iGaming marketplace offering a level of personalised customer support that many of the traditional game aggregators struggle to match, SIGMA WORLD sat down with Head of Support, Karyna Sirbiladze, to learn more about the various benefits this tailored offering provides to partners.

One of the key areas that BETBAZAR clearly stands out from the competition is in the level of dedicated customer support it offers when compared to more traditional game aggregators. Why did you feel having this relationship with clients was such a crucial building block of your business?

At BETBAZAR, we place a great deal of value on fundamental yet incredibly important aspects of the customer experience such as live communication, understanding and empathy. By assigning each of our clients a dedicated customer support contact, we’re not only able to supply prompt and efficient responses to their questions, issues and requests, but we’re also able to do so while delivering a positive overall experience that doesn’t have any of the frustrating pain points that many of the more generic support offerings have. Forming these genuine relationships ensures that our customers always feel like they’re being listened to and provides a much greater level of contentment all-round.

One of the main ways BETBAZAR is able to deliver such a strong level of customer support is through giving each client a personalised contact/account manager. Can you tell us a bit more about the advantages of having this direct, one-to-one relationship can provide to both buyers and sellers?

Having a personalised account manager is hugely beneficial to our clients for a number of reasons. For one, having a direct point of contact means that all communications are streamlined and any issues that get flagged can be resolved in a more efficient manner. Beyond that, the fact that each account manager is intimately familiar with the brands they work on means they can provide tailored support and personalised recommendations that are specifically relevant to each client. This in turn fosters a greater sense of loyalty among partners, because they know each reply will be provided on a case-by-case basis, instead of the more generic support offered at the larger aggregation platforms.

BETBAZAR prides itself on the fact that all partnerships on the platform are trustworthy and transparent, but what does this mean in practice? What kind of information and data are you able to supply about products to your customers and how will this help them build up their businesses?

We firmly believe that the more information you’re able to supply to your customers, the more willing they’ll be to trust your recommendations and the more benefits they’ll ultimately get from the relationship. At BETBAZAR, we strive to provide all partners with comprehensive product information such as performance metrics, market trends and customer feedback on top of our tailored and reliable customer support. This enables them to make decisions based not just on our personal recommendations, but also on detailed, substantiated data that can have a provable impact on the success of their product and enable them to tailor their offering to customers more efficiently.

In addition to your customer support, BETBAZAR is also able to handle all reputational risks on behalf of the client – can you tell us how this works? What happens during the risk analysis part of any prospective partnership and what are the main areas that BETBAZAR is able to take responsibility for?

Taking on all reputational risks on behalf of the client is just one of the ways that BETBAZAR’s support is able to take some of the heavy lifting away from the client and free them up to focus on more impactful things like product optimisation. When working with a new partner, our team conducts a thorough risk analysis that covers all aspects of compliance, product quality, data security, ethical practices, customer support, crisis management, brand monitoring and communication strategies. This data is then shared with the client giving them a totally transparent overview of our findings, which naturally enables them to make more informed business decisions with greater peace of mind.

Again, when agreeing with a deal with a new prospective partner, you have a very transparent process that gives them visibility over what’s happening at each and every step. What information is shared with your clients during the process and how is this communicated to them throughout?

Having regular, open communication with a client is definitely an important part of building up a relationship of mutual trust and understanding. At BETBAZAR, we achieve this level of transparency by providing regular performance updates and free access to all the information that we collect on the client’s behalf. In terms of how this information is then fed back to the client, we endeavour to conduct regular meetings and open Q&A sessions that help with feedback collection, ensuring there’s always a dialogue taking place rather than merely providing a static summary of our findings.

Do you think in an era where AI is becoming more and more prominent in gaming, having a genuine human contact to discuss any potential issues with is still an important part of doing business? How reassuring is it from a client’s perspective to have this contact available to them 24/7?

While there are certain efficiencies that using an AI support system can help with when it comes to some of the more generic queries, humans offer a level of empathy, understanding and creativity that this technology simply can’t replicate. All clients essentially want to feel that their comments and concerns are being dealt with the level of personalised attention that they deserve, and in our opinion, the best way to ensure this is the case is by giving them a dedicated point of contact. Knowing that there’s a real person – rather than a machine – listening to what you have to say provides a greater sense of reassurance and ensures each recommendation is tailored to your needs.