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BETBAZAR CEO, Alex Iaroshenko talks to Gaming International Online (GIO) about the business' background, how it has differentiated itself in the iGaming space, and its plans for the rest of the year.

Can you tell us about BETBAZAR’s background?

The BETBAZAR concept is actually relatively simple - and it’s perhaps for this reason that we’ve managed to successfully fill such an important gap in the market. Essentially, while working in the iGaming industry over the years, I realised there are actually a lot of great products available that often don’t get the push they need to really grab operators’ attention. We therefore established BETBAZAR as a B2B worldwide iGaming marketplace that can introduce companies and their products to the market, helping them establish important connections and mutually beneficial relationships. As we already have a great network on the market and lots of clients, this can often assist creators who are struggling to sell their product efficiently, as we can easily identify the correct customers for their services and facilitate the deal from our side.

BETBAZAR is described as a ‘B2B worldwide iGaming marketplace.’ How does this work? Where did the idea for this originate?

The way that BETBAZAR works with clients is actually fairly unique to the industry and differs greatly from how business is conducted with a traditional aggregator of games or services. Though clients are - of course - able to select from the full range of products available on the BETBAZAR website or following a personal conversation with our sales manager, in every case we conduct a thorough investigation into what services they already offer and where their potential gaps are. This enables us to look at each client on a case-by-case basis and identify which products from our portfolio will be the best fit for their individual needs, rather than simply offering them everything we have. Once we’ve agreed the bespoke set of products they’ll be taking on, we begin integrating directly from the BETBAZAR feed onto the client’s platform, enabling us to monitor the process every step of the way.

What differentiates BETBAZAR from other iGaming companies?

As a B2B worldwide iGaming marketplace, our goal is to collect best-in-class products from content creators and connect them with relevant clients such as sportsbooks, casinos and aggregators. Where we differ is that rather than simply jamming as much content into our portfolio as possible, we take a quality over quantity approach that sees us extensively test each product to ensure it offers the maximum benefit to our partners. As I mentioned previously, we work very closely with clients to establish their needs and identify any gaps in their current offering, which in turn allows us to provide a bespoke service that comes with an unprecedented level of support and personalisation. While a deal with most iGaming companies will often be made with a far-away manager that clients don’t have much interaction with, at BETBAZAR all of our deals are conducted face-to-face, enabling us to build long-term relationships that are transparent, trustworthy and benefit from 24/7 support.

What can we expect from BETBAZAR this year?

The primary focus is - as ever - to connect with more creators of best-in-class content in order to supply an even more dynamic selection of products to our clients. In particular, we’ll be looking to invest in new gaming start-ups that can add something unique to the BETBAZAR marketplace, as this way we can continue to expand our current portfolio while also ensuring that the content we offer is of the highest possible standards both in terms of trustworthiness and innovation. Although BETBAZAR is already very strong in the European market, another goal for us this year will be to build on that success by expanding into Asia and Latin America - both of which we see as being important markets for the brand in the near future. Finally, we’re also looking more and more into live streaming and may even consider launching our own product in this area. 

BETBAZAR attended ICE at the beginning of the year - will you be attending any other industry event this year?

We certainly will and in fact we already have. Since ICE in London, BETBAZAR has been present at the Prague iGaming Tech Summit, the SBC CasinoBeats Summit in Malta and - very recently - iGB Amsterdam. Looking further ahead, we’re also planning to attend SBC Barcelona and SBC LatinoAmerica in Miami this year as well, and after that we’ll move straight into the preparation stage for ICE London 2024, so it’s a pretty packed schedule! All things considered, we don’t think there’s anything quite like an industry event when it comes to sharing your product with a wider audience and understanding exactly what potential customers may need from you, so we always try and ensure BETBAZAR is present at as many shows as possible. These meet-ups also provide an invaluable opportunity to see what your competition is doing, so they double as research in the field. 

How will you continue to evolve your offering moving forward?

One of the great things about how BETBAZAR operates is that our business model is geared towards constantly evaluating the industry and observing any new trends that emerge. This way, we’re able to consistently evolve the products that we offer and ensure clients are always able to pick from a line-up that’s specifically focused on identifying and filling any gaps that they might have. As I mentioned previously, one of the main ways we’ll go about doing this is by searching for and investing in good iGaming start-ups that can scale our portfolio with new best-in-class products. We already have great experience in this selection and verification process, so by adding more top-quality brands to our line-up, we’ll be able to expand our marketplace. Of course , we’ll also continue to listen to feedback from our partners to better identify any pain points they might have, which will in turn allow us to further tailor our offering and ensure each product we offer provides the greatest benefit.