Betbazar: Building an all-encompassing solution

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With the data feed that powers BETBAZAR’s sportsbook solution being a vital part of what has made the product so popular among customers, we talked to Karyna Sirbiladze, head of support at Betbazar about what markets a good service should cover, why offerings need to be tailored in different countries and how live streams can be utilised to boost engagement and provide a more entertaining experience to users.

NEXT: A big part of BETBAZAR’s sports and esports coverage is that it gives clients access to a comprehensive sportsbook data feed. Why is this such an important service for operators and roughly how many sports/markets should a reliable data feed allow them to provide each month?

KS: A good sportsbook offering should always look to cover as many events and markets as possible, as variety is undoubtedly the key to operators connecting with their customer base.

While the range of options that are available will always vary from month to month based on what’s currently going on in the sporting world, at BETBAZAR our data feed typically covers over 50,000 unique markets spread across 25-30 individual sports.

These will always include major competitions like global esports tournaments, football, basketball, tennis and ice hockey, but a good data feed should also cater to more niche interests like volleyball, handball and badminton so that it can provide a tailored service to customers all around the world.

NEXT: In terms of general market observations, do you find that specific sports are particularly popular in certain countries? What disciplines are most widely requested by customers and have you found that there are any surprising events that are perhaps growing in popularity in newer markets?

KS: Yes, of course. All countries have their own national sports or events that customers are particularly passionate about and a good data feed should enable operators to customise their offering based on the demands of the market they’re targeting.

While for the most part soccer really is the global game, in certain countries like the U.S. operators may need to prioritise sports that aren’t so widely broadcast like American football and baseball.

In terms of what’s popular in the newer markets, we’ve generally noticed an increased appetite for e-sports coverage all over the world and this is largely due to the availability of events and the increased coverage the sector is getting in the media.

NEXT: As part of BETBAZAR’s global sportsbook data feed coverage, you’re also able to offer video streaming on certain events by request. What do you think live streaming adds to the betting experience and are there any notable advantages/benefits for customers and players that use it?

KS: I think it’s important to remember that sport is – first and foremost – an entertainment and betting on it is essentially an add-on that can provide further value for those that choose to do it.

By adding video streaming to their feed, operators can create a more immersive experience for their customers that offers the possibility of real-time engagement due to the numerous in-play betting opportunities that are available.

I think if you’re a sports fan that also enjoys betting, being able to wager in the moment on a wide range of markets enables you to use your instincts and knowledge of the current game state to make more informed decisions, which ultimately makes winning feel more rewarding.

NEXT: In terms of both the odds available to bettors and the margins provided to operators, how important is it to have an experienced team of traders behind your sports data feed? What kind of team do you use at BETBAZAR and how does their experience enhance the service that you offer?

KS: While odds are for the most part pretty consistent across the industry, any good sports feed still needs an experienced trading team to back it up – particularly when it comes to deciding betting coefficients on newer markets or Tier 2 sports where there’s perhaps not as much data available.

The BETBAZAR sports data feed uses a team of 100+ experienced traders from our trustworthy suppliers who are able to draw on lifelong stats for all sports they cover and then use their own expertise to provide the best prices possible.

NEXT: When it comes to actually integrating a sportsbook data feed onto a customer’s platform, can you explain the process involved? Are there any special considerations that the operator needs to make in preparation for launch, or can an API generally be used by all businesses in the industry?

KS: The great thing about using an API to manage your sportsbook offering is that it’s effectively a plug-in-and-play solution that requires no down-time on the part of the operator.

At BETBAZAR, the API that we use for our data feed is industry standard, meaning it can be used by any platform with minimal preparation or set-up required.

This is very important for both the business and its customers alike, as managing things this way can reduce operational costs, provide a more streamlined user experience and help the platform scale efficiently when greater event coverage is required.

Of course, all API integrations should be backed up with 24/7 support, which we also offer.

NEXT: Generally speaking, what are the major events that affect industry demand from sportsbook data feeds? Are you, for instance, expecting more customers to request your product in preparation for the 2024 European Championships and will this event also be covered extensively?

KS: Sports betting is naturally a very fluid area of online gambling and market demand will always be shaped by the next big event on the calendar.

There’s typically an increased demand for sportsbook data feed services during any major international tournament like the FIFA World Cup or ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, but also for important domestic events like the UEFA Champions League final or the NFL Super Bowl.

Of course, any good data feed will update its offering in preparation for these popular competitions and it will certainly be no different in the run-up to Euro 2024, where BETBAZAR will be supplying thousands of pre-match and in-play markets to all customers worldwide.