Betbazar Data Feed Boosts Summer Events

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With  a packed calendar of events to look forward to that includes Copa America, Euro 2024 and the Tour de France, there’s no doubt sportsbook data feed services are going to be in high demand over the coming months – and BETBAZAR believes it may have the perfect solution to help operators cash in on what should be a golden summer of sport!

Make no mistake about it, sport is big business in the world of iGaming. From the usual docket of soccer, football, ice hockey and basketball matches each week to blue chip events like the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup finals, there’s seemingly always something available to get sports fans’ blood pumping, no matter where they are in the world or how they prefer to place their bets online.

However, with more and more operators competing for their share of this sports mad audience, the challenge now becomes figuring out how to successfully stand out from the crowd. Sure, covering a wide range of events is still as important as ever, but with even the most nickel and dime sportsbook sites capable of supplying markets on the lowest divisions of domestic sport, perhaps the real secret is being able to provide a level of service the competition just can’t match.

Leading worldwide B2B marketplace providers BETBAZAR certainly think so, and that’s why they’ve recently unveiled their new and improved sportsbook data feed. Accessed via a simple-to-integrate API that effectively serves us a plug-in-and-play solution requiring no downtime from the operator, the feed provides real-time access to odds, scores and statistics – thereby empowering platforms to enhance their user experience via current options and instant updates.

Featuring American football, esports and everything in between, the feed enables online betting sites to effortlessly switch between providers and tailor their gaming content to cater for different audiences and countries on the fly. Not only that, but through the company’s cooperation with solid data providers and the most dedicated and reliable trading teams in the business, they can also leverage the very pinnacle of live data streaming to further improve their sportsbook offering.

Of course, with the state-by-state legalisation of online sports betting continuing at a rate of knots in the US and other sleeping giants like Brazil now also embarking on the path to regulation, having this flexibility and scope readily available will be key to all operators seeking to localise their product. Indeed, in the ever-changing landscape of global sports betting, being able to customise the experience and provide users with tailored content isn’t so much as luxury as it is a necessity.

Naturally, as regulated sports betting grows throughout the world, so to does the focus on operators to comply with all applicable restrictions and provide a greater standard of player protection and online security – no more so than in Brazil, where the betting industry is still reeling from a spate of cyber-attacks that occurred in 2022. Thankfully, BETBAZAR’s feed has operators covered on this front too, providing what they’ve termed a “Fort Knox” for their customers’ data.

Featuring bulletproof P2P security, risk management and support that’s available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the sportsbook data feed is reliability redefined – and in an industry where data protection is the name of the game, trust is certainly any serious operator’s strongest card. On top of that, clients can also leverage the power of AI to issue live warnings and real-time alerts, giving them all the tools they need to provide the next generation of responsible gaming support.

With these key sticking points safely taken care of, operators can enjoy greater peace of mind while focusing their efforts on the thing that ultimately matters the most to the end user – the quality of the product they are able to provide. Given sports coverage is, in the main, much of a muchness in the industry, the way operators can really make a name for themselves here is in the depth of the markets that they have and the effectiveness of how those markets can be displayed.

Boasting coverage of 51,000+ pre-match markets and 75,000+ live markets, BETBAZAR’s sportsbook data feed is built around a robust UI that makes it easy and intuitive for bettors to access and utilise the latest live data to underpin their wagering. By leveraging this fact, operators can provide their customers with a cleaner, more enjoyable user experience that may yet prove the difference in keeping them engaged throughout the upcoming summer of sport and beyond.