BETBAZAR Sigma Europe 2023 Review

betbazar, sigma, event, igaming
BETBAZAR team attended SIGMA Europe 2023 in Malta and happy to share the main highlights from the event!

While it’s true that these days we’re living in a predominantly digital age where the vast majority of business can be conducted online, at BETBAZAR we still place a huge amount of stock in the value of meeting your industry peers and rivals face-to-face at important iGaming events as SIGMA Europe.

It was the 8th event for Betbazar team in this year where we were happy to meet with current and future partners. Betbazar team had an excellent opportunity to share their own insights of iGaming industry, explained Betbazar's mission and main goals how to achieve best results as for content creators and operators.

We hope we spoke to everyone that had planned to come and see us but if not, please get in touch so we can sync our calendars!