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Bringing LatAm fans more football through esports

There’s a huge opportunity for esports products in Latin America: harnessing the passion of fans across the worlds of football and esports through efootball.

Latin America has proven to be a hotbed of esports activity, across both traditional esports and sports-simulation esports. In the biggest esports title for betting – Counter-Strike – if there’s a Brazilian team at an international event you’re guaranteed to hear and see them. In other classic titles like Dota 2, Peru continues to produce quality players and teams, fielding the second-highest number of participants at this year’s editions of “The International” – one of the biggest tournaments in the world.

When it comes to traditional sports, there’s no place for football like LatAm. Fans and bettors across the continent are some of the most engaged and passionate in the world. At Betbazar we believe that efootball sits at the intersection of these two fields, each with its own fanatic following, bridging that gap and giving fans more opportunities to bet on their passions, more often.

efootball products are a perfect fit

Based on our customer data, we’ve found that the top esports betting product in Latin America is undoubtedly efootball. There’s a very simple reason for this: football is king in Latin America and efootball is as close as possible to real football. For betting operators, it’s also very similar in terms of customer journey and market calculation.

In particular, there’s strong cross-selling behaviour from traditional sports bettors into efootball content, with particular peaks in betting activity around major events. With highly competitive and engaged domestic football competitions and the Copa Libertadores every year, the Copa América coming up in 2024 and of course the World Cup in North America in 2026, efootball has plenty of opportunities to deliver strong returns.

Efootball’s greatest asset is the fact that this type of 24/7 content is evergreen. It offers bettors something supplementary during the football season and a replacement in the offseason. Along with this, efootball garners high activity numbers during major events like continental cups and World Cups – an added boost that rides the wave of traditional football betting activity.

These are products wholly owned and run by Betbazar’s partners, meaning that there is constant refinement of the mathematical models and odds-making for any relevant markets. In turn, this means that the returns an operator yields can be more guaranteed. The better the mathematical model works, the more confident operator and supplier alike can be in delivering fun, engaging content with sustainable returns.

Maintaining high efootball standards

There are two main types of efootball content available on the market at the moment. The first is owned content where real-life players compete regularly in tournaments run by betting content suppliers. The second is AI-driven efootball matches, where two bots will play matches against one another. Both of these types Betbazar has in our portfolio.

All matches are readily available for bettors to watch the stream, both in prematch and live. This type of content is highly valuable not only because of its evergreen nature and 24/7 coverage, but because it comes with a guaranteed margin baked into the product. For the products available on Betbazar’s marketplace, this margin ranges from 7-75%.

Key to maintaining profitability and sustainability with a 7% margin in both of these formats is the need to maintain high standards of product quality and integrity. By working with suppliers that own the content end-to-end, we can be confident that the quantity of matches and total uptime are better controlled and optimal for betting.

In the case of tournaments with real-life players, our partners have robust integrity requirements, including all players running through an integrity academy, close monitoring of all matches to identify possible impropriety and integrity and ethics departments with enforceable powers. These are the kinds of standards that all efootball content should meet.

Considering the size and scale of both football and esports fans across Latin America, there’s an enormous addressable market for fast efootball content. Efootball suits many purposes, whether you’re an operator with a strong sportsbook looking to boost your coverage and performance for your football audience, or an operator seeking to expand the depth and breadth of your esports content.

Efootball content is a surefire way to give fans more of what they love while guaranteeing a boost to the overall margin and performance of your LatAm ventures.