Building best-in-class service is the BETBAZAR way

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Having set out on a mission to revolutionise the way that buyers and suppliers do business, iGaming Next caught up with BETBAZAR Chief Executive Officer, Alex Iaroshenko, to learn more about how the company’s B2B worldwide iGaming marketplace is taking the fight to traditional game aggregators.

For those that aren’t yet familiar with BETBAZAR, can you tell us a bit about the brand? What was the goal when the company was set up and what services does it currently provide to clients?

BETBAZAR is what we like to call a B2B worldwide iGaming marketplace.

Our goal is to collect best-in-class products from content creators and connect these products with future clients such as sportsbooks, casinos and aggregators.
Where BETBAZAR really stands out from the competition is that rather than simply amassing as many games or services as possible, we choose the products that go into our portfolio very carefully and never sell something we’re not 100% sure about.
We currently offer sports and casino content on the product side, as well as sportsbook solutions – including trading – and KYC/payment services, while taking on all the risk and fully supporting our big network of clients.

What does the term “B2B worldwide iGaming marketplace” mean? How does this differ from the role of a traditional game aggregator and what are the benefits offered for buyers and sellers?

The difference is that aggregators will typically put as much content into their portfolios as they possibly can, whereas at BETBAZAR, we’re much more focused on providing quality over quantity.
We test all our products extensively to ensure our clients can enjoy a best-in-class service that benefits from an unprecedented level of support and personalisation.
While a deal with an aggregator will usually be made with some far-away manager that you don’t have a lot of interaction with, at BETBAZAR we conduct all of our deals face-to-face.
This enables us to build up long-term partnerships that are both trustworthy and transparent, with clients benefitting from their own dedicated contact who can provide 24/7 support and access to all the important data that they need.

Can you tell us how the process of using the BETBAZAR marketplace works in practice? Are your clients able to pick and choose the services they want to use and how does integration take place?

The way that BETBAZAR works with clients is fairly unique to the industry.

Though clients are, of course, able to select from the full range of products on the BETBAZAR website, in every case we conduct a thorough investigation into what services they already offer and where the potential gaps are.

This allows us to identify which products from our portfolio will be the best fit for them individually, rather than just offering them everything we have.
In this respect, we act as a marketplace that takes a bespoke approach to each client that’s based on their own specific needs.
Once we’ve agreed with the client what products they’ll be taking on, we can begin integrating directly from the BETBAZAR data feed onto their platform, which allows us to monitor how the process is going and fix any issues.
This way, we don’t miss any points of improvement for the end user.

What are the main product verticals that are currently covered in the BETBAZAR marketplace and is there anything in particular that you look for when considering what partners to work with?

The most popular verticals that we cover are eSports, sports betting and casino content, with the last of those also incorporating other areas such as live casino and trendy games (for example Aviator, Crash X).
In terms of how we identify potential partners, we really put a lot of time and effort into thoroughly checking a content provider’s offering before deciding whether or not to feature them in our marketplace.
We really care about the content that we share with our partners, so of course we have a big focus on selecting products that are fair, reliable and engaging for the end user.
Beyond that, we also try to understand the margins and numbers behind each product and how these will benefit our clients, which again allows us to provide a far more bespoke service than you’d typically get with a traditional aggregator.

BETBAZAR seems to have put a strong focus on eSports, turbo games and live casino when compared to traditional game aggregators. Why were these “specialist” iGaming products chosen?

eSports are very popular right now and we think it’s very important for all betting operators to have good, fast content in their portfolios.
At BETBAZAR, our headliner is our FIFA eFootball content, but we’re also really concentrated on CS:GO.
The thing that these two games have in common is that they’re incredibly quick, meaning there are many betting opportunities and wagers can be resolved swiftly.
For live casino, we mostly try and work with the partners that are able to provide a truly unique gaming experience to users.
Though live casino has been on the market for a while, at BETBAZAR we differentiate ourselves by only choosing partners who are capable of providing a best-in-class product that is both fair and reliable.
Finally, the turbo games that we have in our portfolio have already made a major impact on the market, despite only being around for a couple of years.
The reason our partners like them so much is that they’re fast and also straightforward to play.

Is there anything specific in the pipeline for BETBAZAR in 2023? How do you plan to grow the brand and are there any areas you’re particularly looking to expand in over the coming months?

BETBAZAR is currently very strong in the European market, but we’re aiming to build on that success by expanding into Asia and Latin America – both of which are important markets for BETBAZAR that we believe we can be successful in.
On top of that, we’ll also be looking to connect with more partners that can provide high quality content and we may even add another new product to our marketplace.
In particular, we’ll be looking to invest in new gaming start-ups that offer something unique, as this way we can continue to expand our marketplace while also ensuring that the content we’re offering is of the highest possible standards in terms of both innovation and trustworthiness.