“We see LatAm as a hugely promising region”

Interview With Ceo Betbazar 1
Looking at the Americas, which markets are of most interest to Betbazar and where do you see the most growth?

We see LatAm as a hugely promising region in the Americas. We are looking very closely at it and are already active there through a number of our tier one partners. It’s no big surprise that Efootball has proven massively popular in many markets there, with Brazil being the most vibrant example of a future market with a huge amount of possible growth.

Indeed, when it comes to major markets, we estimate that 60% of Esports betting in Brazil will be on Efootball – and Argentina, which is already in the most part regulated, has proven very similar. However, in countries like Mexico there is more of a cultural split when it comes to player tastes. Football is still high on the menu, but that number is closer to 30%, with 25% betting on basketball and just as many preferring American football, rather than ‘soccer’.

LatAm has certainly had to weather its fair share of challenges over the last 12 months – how has the market evolved and how do you see Betbazar as being able to make a difference for operators?

A lot of operators in LatAm were really prompt in reacting to the challenges of last year, they took the correct forward-thinking approach and invested in diversifying their portfolios quickly, with Esports being a big part of that.

If there is anything we should have learned about the last 18 months, it is that you never know what is around the corner and with the highly volatile nature of the ongoing situation – covering every base you can to entertain new players is essential. We know what players out there want, especially the new generation – and we’ve proven ourselves as key part of some of the major industry operators’ Esports set-up for some time now.

Is it a case of offering a set of solutions that are specifically tailored to the market as opposed to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ for global delivery?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to supply Esports products. The first is direct integration with the platform. The odds and video streaming elements are integrated, the product is tested and has proved it’s functionality, the game’s fixtures are matched and from there you’re ready to go.

However, we like to keep things simple for our partners, and a much easier way is what we call ‘iFrame integration’. This is where you have everything on your site, and it appears as a pop-up window. So, all the work happens on our side. Design is included to the service we offer, the only thing that needs to be done by the operator is to connect their wallets and payment integrations. This kind of process solves a lot of pain points as it simply means providing a point of entry than can open the product on the site.