New business conversations as a catalyst for reaching new levels

New Business Conversations As A Catalyst For Reaching New Levels | Betbazar 1

Betbazar is a global entertainment ecosystem designed to connect providers with operators and platforms to positively impact their business.

Betbazar provides its partners with best-in-class entertainment products for various industries, designed to optimize business growth strategies and increase additional revenue.

The company used its own stand at the SBC Summit Barcelona 2022 event. Alexander Iaroshenko, CEO of Betbazar, kindly agreed to answer questions from SBC CIS.

Recently you visited SBC Summit Barcelona. How did it go? Could you tell us about some keynotes from the event?

SBC Barcelona 2022 proved a resounding success for us. Betbazar was out in force at the Fira Barcelona Montjuïc, both in terms of our physical stand and staff presence. It was the ideal opportunity for us to showcase the Betbazar service at an exciting time for the business which continues to go from strength-to-strength

The opportunity to meet in person is always something that should be jumped at. We had a chance to meet existing clients and partners who have been with us for a while, but also explore potential new relationships. There is often an element of the unknown around iGaming events as it takes time for conversations to develop into tangible progress. Being present at events allows Betbazar to share progress, ensure the brand remains prominent and deliver on new business strategies.

SBC Barcelona has really grown in stature and you could feel the increase in size this year. It reflects very well not only on SBC, but on the industry as a whole.

You had your own stand at the exhibition. How successful was your presentation and did you manage to agree on any new partnerships? What product from your portfolio was the most popular?

Our stand was the perfect reflection of the Betbazar brand. Having a physical space enabled us to clearly communicate how our digital ecosystem supports entertainment companies in their mission of finding tech products that accelerate their business growth. Across the fews days in Barcelona we were able to meet with a whole host of interested parties where positive preliminary discussions came to life. Given the escalating war in the Ukraine, it was reassuring to hear and see so many people from the country. It proved that Ukraine’s iGaming industry and top talent remain proudly resolute.

SBC’s support means a huge amount and the organisers couldn’t have been more helpful in assisting us from start to finish. Our aim for the event was not to focus on one particular Betbazar product, but rather emphasise the strength and diverse range of services that are available.

Perhaps one of the most common inquiries from interested parties was around the fact that Betbazar doesn’t just offer gaming products, but the digital infrastructure that acts as a marketplace to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships.

Speaking about the Summit, many companies also emphasise the importance of strengthening ties with existing partners. Can you tell us a little bit about this and how you support your partners at the SBC Summit Barcelona?

Meeting face-to-face adds a layer to a personal relationship and that’s exactly the case with our existing business partners who have played an integral role in making Betbazar the success it is today. A good portion of our revenue is derived from our current client list, so it’s imperative these relationships are strengthened to deliver long-term results. Developing these relationships really does pay dividends. Having open conversations ensures you really understand which areas a client is benefitting from and perhaps where additional support might be provided.

Of course, new business conversations are important as they act as a catalyst for reaching new levels. The key is appreciating that your current clients need your full attention and not looking too far ahead.

In your opinion, which of the conference panels was the most interesting and useful? What insights, information, and trends could you highlight?

Every panel carried its own unique take on some of the industry’s most pressing trends. For us it was encouraging to hear consistently about the growth of the Esports space and some of the innovations being introduced. Regulation was a common theme across the event. This is vital as it provides a clear framework for long-term and responsible expansion into new markets.

We faced the Covid-19 pandemic, and now the war in Ukraine. Tell us how such global events affect your work. And could you overview your work and activities during the last seven months since the beginning of the war?

The world has gone through a torrid time over the past few years and the war in Ukraine is a catastrophe that shows no sign of letting up.

We immediately cut all ties with Russia in terms of our physical presence and partnerships. The move impacted our revenues, but that was something that we were more than happy to deal with as our morals are the guiding force. Our ability to work remotely and virtually communicate allowed us to be agile and before long we returned to our previous revenue levels. For us it was imperative to grow the business on the back of our own expertise and not rely on pity given the Ukrainian war.

The pandemic meant adaptation for everyone, and Betbazar moved decisively to ensure our team were protected as best as possible. Strict guidelines were introduced as we learnt to work within a new environment, but we were able to grow and use the situation as best we could. Recent partnerships with Abios and Betsson show that it’s business as usual.

What other summits and conferences are you going to attend in the near future?

SBC’s events calendar keeps us busy and the Betbazar brand highly visible throughout the iGaming landscape. We’ll be attending SIGMA in November and then ICE London will be back around before we know it. As SBC Barcelona showed once again, meeting current and potential clients is an invaluable part of expanding a business.